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CAPRICIOUS PROVENANCE is an award winning, multi-system AP Audio Drama fusion set in an arcanepunk, partially homebrewed world of 5e's Eberron! After The Last War devastated Khorvaire - and their lives - fate follows four unlikely friends attempting to grapple with their own destinies as the fate of the world falls into a chaotic uncertainty.Join our…heroes(?) as they navigate their ever-changing lives in the wake of destruction, wading in the depths of their trauma as they connect with the troubled people living in a fragmented world.We’re an all queer & trans, majority BIPOC cast of tabletop creatives that bend the rules, change the lore, and break the game to tell a story of fighting tooth and nail against the way things are, and daring to hope for change.

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After one hundred years of battle and bloodshed on the continent of Khorvaire, THE LAST WAR ends with an event called THE MOURNING - an explosion of magical energy so massive it left behind a devastating fallout spanning miles across the land.

CAPRICIOUS PROVENANCE begins two years after The Mourning, with four stray souls stumbling into working for DAASK, a post-war political revolution. On their journeys, our party is faced with difficult choices, terrible encounters and grave revelations that lead them to discover they are the only chance EBERRON has against stopping a world-ending apocalypse.As our PCs struggle within the grasp of their destinies, they find a harmony within the dissonance in each other. THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE turns evermore, and hope yet still lingers - Will our heroes accept their fate, or fight against it?

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Calais malthasso

Mixed Aasimar / Elf ⟡ Life Cleric
25 ⟡ He/They


Swiftstride Shifter ⟡ Druid / Gloomstalker Ranger
23 ⟡ She/They


Half Elf ⟡ Swashbuckling Rogue Spellshot
27 ⟡ They/He/She


Tiefling ⟡ Warlock
25 ⟡ He/They


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calais malthasso

"I pray Fate hears the desires of our hearts
that our minds cannot."

A character bio and picture of Calais Malthasso, a character from Capricious Provenance. He is a brown-skinned aasimar with a blue opalescent unicorn horn and a tail. They have long dark curly hair with a grey streak flowing through it.

Born and raised in Flamekeep as one of the six divine children of the war goddess Corinthia of the Silver Flame, Calais is a demigod and one of the first of his kind as a result of rare divine interception. Calais and their siblings were destined to end The Last War. Closed off from the rest of the world, Corinthia raised and trained them since youth to draft them into war at 18.The divine siblings turned the tides of every battle. Despite their saving grace, there was no diplomacy to improve relations and formally end the war. The Mourning - an explosion of magical energy that devastated the continent - stopped the war, and Corinthia disappeared. Unable to receive guidance, the siblings split ways to search for her across Khorvaire.2 years later, Calais found themself working for Daask alongside his newfound friends. After being faced with new and terrifying situations, Calais has been made aware that he is part of a new prophecy - a great battle between light & dark. The choice of whether to defy fate or surrender to it has given them an internal battle of his own, and Calais has grown tired and weary.


"Shooting first and thinking later
probably isn't the best course of action, but
I haven't died yet!"

A character bio and picture of Calais Malthasso, a character from Capricious Provenance. He is a brown-skinned aasimar with a blue opalescent unicorn horn and a tail. They have long dark curly hair with a grey streak flowing through it.

Caught in a blizzard in the cold militaristic nation of Karrnath as a young child, Snowy was rescued and taken in by Viktor - a former soldier that deserted Karrnath's military, finding their widespread use of necromancy for an undead army heinous. Having no memory prior to the storm, Snowy was taught by Viktor to hunt and survive in the caves underneath the snow-covered mountains of Karrnath, secluded from society. Tragically, Viktor was murdered and resurrected after an unknown necromancer attacked their home. Snowy was forced to put her father to rest - and lost track of the assailant in the process.With a newfound hatred for undeath, Snowy aimlessly wandered around Karrnath until they reached the borders of The Mournlands, where refugees flocked to her in an effort to survive after devastation. News reached her that the man who killed Viktor was located in Sharn, and Snowy left her newly crowded home to hunt her father’s murderer.Finding it their best chance to grow in strength and power, Snowy now works for Daask. She considers the party their first friends, undertaking a new goal to protect them. As their journey continues, Snowy recovers more and more flashes of their life before the blizzard, and a longing to discover the mystery of their forgotten past pushes them forward.


“It's easy to say you've been marked
for death, harder to say you gave
them the gun."

A character bio and picture of Calais Malthasso, a character from Capricious Provenance. He is a brown-skinned aasimar with a blue opalescent unicorn horn and a tail. They have long dark curly hair with a grey streak flowing through it.

Wanted to lose it all. Nothing to a name.In the dimly lit lanterns of a bar in the melting pot that is Sharn, Finch appeared before three unlucky strangers. Always looking to line their pockets with fresh coin, Finch found themself wrapped up in more than a job to find a “simple” Ledger with his newfound associates.After traveling for a big payout as graciously extended by his harpy informant, Nightsky Caza, Finch was suddenly tossed back into the waiting storm of possible war. No one. Just a debt to claim. If she had known this would spiral into the current and tentative work with Daask, would Finch have traveled with their new companions?Though unknown to the party it seems that Finch may have a past a bit more intricately woven into this grand story despite her attempts to cut ties.
But luck, good or bad, would be obliged. As the tale progresses, will Finch have to confront their past? Will he find happiness and possibly even love at the edge of a quill? Or will the ink continue to bleed on every page no matter how many stories they try
to write?


"For all the knowledge I've sought out,
I've learned far too late that some things
are better left unknown."

A character bio and picture of Calais Malthasso, a character from Capricious Provenance. He is a brown-skinned aasimar with a blue opalescent unicorn horn and a tail. They have long dark curly hair with a grey streak flowing through it.

Originally hailing from the Eldeen Reaches, Sylvanus has no memory of their family or early childhood, only faintly recalling a strange supernatural experience they had deep in its forests. Finding himself alone and naïve to the ways of the world beyond as a young fawn, he spent his days wandering wherever their whims carried them, driven by his curiosity for all things unknown and magical in nature.Their deep fascination with magic and passion for study led them to Fairhaven University in Aundair where he was recruited into the war against his will and forced to serve as a researcher of weaponized magic. At the height of the war, Sylvanus made a pact with an unknown entity that called themselves The Seeker in desperation to give his superiors the knowledge they demanded. Failing to comprehend the danger they were in until far too late, Sylvanus quickly found themself at the mercy of their patron in return for limitless knowledge and power.Sylvanus found themself working for Daask at the instruction of The Seeker. Only with the aid of a new patron, The Stage, was he able to break free of their control and cast their presence from his mind. But The Seeker may return to exact their vengeance at any moment...

non-player characters

All character information is also available on our Obsidian Portal.



Serena is an elven woman and information broker, often involving herself in the social affairs and inner workings of Sharn as a member of its high society. Playing the Game is a dangerous occupation, but Serena knows just what strings to pull to keep one step ahead of her foes.After meeting Sylvanus at the auction hosted by Julgar Tarkanan at the Mad Warlock's Tower, she has shown increased interest in both Sylvanus and the party's activities. While inklings of a romance have begun to develop between her and Sylvanus, one has to wonder - are her motivations pure, or does she have ulterior motives?



Rigid and serious, Zaeren is a slightly aged half-elf focused on achieving tasks given to him by Daask as a member of its council. His Dragonmark tattoos grant him the ability to steer and control machines powered by elementals.Despite his cold and focused exterior, Zaeren feels a sense of responsibility towards the group that borders on caring, though he would never admit it. The party doesn't know much about Zaeren or what guides him forward outside of the desire to see Droaam recognized as an independent nation, but one thing is for sure - Zaeren is never going to do anything outside of his pay grade.



A Paladin of the Blood of Vol, Tibia's faith is guided by the "divinity within" and her necromantic abilities. Her primary mission is to secure the Ledger our party stole months ago through whatever means possible. What she plans to use it for, however, is anyone's guess.Tibia's intervention only confirmed the existence of a legendary group of corrupted undead unicorn riders from Karrnath who fought in The Last War long ago - and what terrifies the party the most is that she very much intends on tracking them down.



Podloach is a grung wizard with one single dream - to learn magic.Podloach initially joined our party during their first journey to Droaam. Ever since then, he has been training as Sylvanus' pupil, and at times has come to aid them in many of their scuffles. Though Podloach does not join the party on all of their missions and battles, everyone considers him a valuable addition to the Daask family.



Calhoun is a charismatic Kalashtar rogue with a heart of gold. After meeting Sylvanus in the caves underneath the city of Noldrunthrone, Calhoun quickly befriended the group.(To be updated with the release of Episode 6.)


This game was never intended to be a show when starting out - just a fun game between friends!However, enough people were interested in our little game for us to put effort into making it for an audience. Though the audio is spliced together from sessions we recorded for note taking purposes, the quality increases as we upgrade our equipment. We hope you enjoy this very special story we have created together!


The GM of Capricious Provenance and the podcast co-director, Gwen is a mixed Black & Jewish nonbinary trans woman, and an award winning TTRPG marketer, designer, artist & performer.


Amihan (he/they) is a mixed Black & Filipino genderfluid TTRPG artist-performer. They are the podcast producer, co-director and editor and are one of the podcast artists.Amihan plays Calais Malthasso!


Kermit (they/them) is a nonbinary Filipino digital artist, cosplayer & pirate enjoyer. They are one of the podcast artists.Kermit plays Snowy!


Kenzie (he/they) is a transmasc digital artist & lover of high fantasy & TTRPGs. They are one of the podcast artists.Kenzie plays Sylvanus!


Royal (they/any) is a disabled queer mixed Boricua writer, artist, and creative with a penchant for making character playlists. They are the podcast lorekeeper.Royal plays Finch!

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